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Our Services

Accounting and Auditing

We are capable of providing a large amount of accounting and attest services to our clients. We work hard to ensure that we only provide the highest quality results for our clients. If you work with us, you can be confident in our work and commitment to meeting your financial objectives.


Our accounting professionals perform numerous accounting services that will assist your company in achieving greater financial height and growth. Each client is different, and we take pride in getting a deeper understanding of every single one so that we can guide them on the path to success.


In-depth tax services for businesses and individuals. Our intricate knowledge of tax law, we will provide accurate results as well as tax strategies for the future. Our goal is not only to provide timely service, but to guarantee that all opportunities for tax savings are discovered.


Our understanding of U.S. tax compliance pertaining to multinational issues will reduce our client’s risk while minimizing their tax exposure. Our approach to each client’s individual needs, whether expatriates or foreign nationals living in the U.S. or abroad, ensure they are in compliance with their international reporting requirements.

Wealth Management

Through our trusted network of advisors we can develop and provide a plan that will maintain and increase our client’s wealth based on the client’s financial situation, goals and comfort level pertaining to risk. We pride ourselves in providing each client with a personalized strategic tax plan to meet your financial and investment goals.


Our staff can get your documents notarized, attested and acknowledged. You may come in during regular office hours to have documents notarized.

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